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Organizers Bangalore.

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Our Services

Personal Parties

  • Birthday Parties
  • Friends Parties
  • Family Get-Together

Personal Ceremony

  • Baby Naming Ceremony
  • House Warming Ceremony
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Half Sari Ceremony

Personal Celebrations

  • Dandiya Celebration
  • Group Holy Celebration
  • Interactive Group Games
  • Coreography

Corporate Parties

  • Team Indoor Parties
  • Team Outdoor Parties

Corporate Celebrations

  • Company Opening
  • Company Anniversary
  • Product Launching

Photography & Videography

Puppet Shows


Puppetry (Art of Manipulating the Dolls) plays a dominant role in the field of providing entertainment.Puppetry was an important tool to communicate some messages to the people.

For Birthday Parties / Functions (Can be used for entertaining children)
The contents are:

  1. Ganesh Puja by puppets.
  2. Dandiya Dance (Kolkata by puppets)
  3. Snake Charming Dance
  4. Fun with an acrobat puppet (Circus puppet)
  5. Dance by a puppet
  6. Two monkeys fight each other (This is a glow puppet show - which comes above the screen).





Please note that, finally we get our puppets outside the stage and make the audiance (children) to manipulate. Duration of this show is around 30 - 35 minutes.