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Tattoos-Caricature Balloon Art by 7delights Event Organisers

Balloon Modeling

Creating eye-catching balloon models is an art that fascinates everyone!

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Tattoo Artists & Face Painting

Get the most attractive tattoos, and face paints with top professionals!

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Nail art

Nail Artistry

Collaborate with our experts to give your nails the most attractive look!

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Pottery Artists

Our pottery art is exclusively designed to make you feel elated.

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Jewelery making

Kids Jeweler Making

Our experts can create the most exciting range of kids' jewelry items!

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Origami Crafts

Step ahead to learn the art of creating exciting things with origami crafts.

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hair braiding

Hair Braiding

Speak to our experts to learn exciting hair-braiding designs for special occasions!

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Caricature Pencil Face Art 30 Nos.

Our caricature artist can bring smiles to your lips with their decent pencil skills!

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Mug Caricature

Mug Caricature with 30 Nos. Mugs

Make mugs a decent gift item with customized messages for your loved ones!

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Mehandi art


Adorn your palms and arms with extraordinary mehndi designs. See us!

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Pebble Stone Painting

Pebble Stone Art

Breathe life to the stones with the most scintillating stone art!

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Taro reader

Taro / Face Reading / Palmistry

Interested to know about the future? Talk to our palmists/taro readers!

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Rice art

Rice Art Key Chain

Trust our artists for the most exciting display for making rice art key chains.

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Sand Art

Our sand artists have gained exemplary popularity due to top sand art in glass bottel.

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Theme Decoration

7DELIGHTS-Home Of Exemplary Activities


7Delights has built an excellent reputation among the residents of Bangalore and the areas around it for its feats in various event activities. We are committed to displaying our exemplary capabilities in various event activities. We understand how important it is to maintain the highest level of professionalism when it comes to presenting the activities to familiar people.

7Delights is connected to numerous artists with top-notch skills in their events and party domains/areas. They are celebrated artists in their art form, and that is why no one can doubt their capabilities. We offer the best event activities everywhere in Bangalore. Our recent appearance in top parties has brought us prominence among the local masses. We are all set to carry on the spirit to bring us on more prominent platforms, too!

Contact 7Delights at the earliest if you wish to arrange special events where our activities can make a big difference. Speak to us at the earliest and get ready for an exemplary event show!


Customizable Decoration

Meeting your dream and fascination becomes a priority for us, and we do it with all our strength!


Rich Infrastructure

We have the richest décor infrastructure in Bangalore! We work on enriching it further!


24/7 Customer Service

Our team of caring executives is available round-the-clock to help you with all your queries!


Best Competent Team

We are proud of our robust and best-in-class tech professionals for their impeccable skills.

7DELIGHTS - A Name You Can Trust For Engaging Activities!


If you are planning to hold a fest or any specific gathering, then think of us to entertain your guests with engaging activities. We are very particular about putting on the best show to make your guests feel happy and satisfied. Most of our activities are extremely attractive, and they have the capability to make people participate in them as well.

Our Key Strengths:

Indeed, our artists are highly professional, and they have the capability to engage people at large!

  • ▪ Great organizational skills
  • ▪ Show-catchers
  • ▪ Decent communication skills
  • ▪ Ability to engage people in the show
  • ▪ Ability to perform for a longer duration
  • ▪ Punctuality guaranteed!

Want to get in touch with us? Call the help desk to schedule an appointment!

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