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Healing Meditation.


Sheela Jalihal – has been a Meditator and Healer of various modalities for over 20 years. Has taught over 2000 people. Has worked extensively with/around energies and has had many success stories especially with emotional healings like depression, anxiety disorders, fear, grief etc. Aim is to spread love, joy and happiness.


FREE SEMINAR– 1 hour session.

SELF HEALING – For stress busting Also learn technique to promote good health, relationships, finances, business, mind intelligence, balanced emotions, stamina, immunity, energy etc and to spread love, peace and happiness

  1. FORGIVENESS PRAYER - A powerful tool to heal the past and to heal any aspect of life.
  2. One Song can heal the World: It is a powerful Mantra to heal any aspect of life. This mantra carries powerful Divine Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light. Play it in your home or office & observe the transformation of negative energy to positive energy.
  3. Learn a simple technique to boost your energy, stamina, vitality, immunity and remain fresh and vibrant. Ancient secrets revealed to remain young, happy and healthy.

A. MONEY MAGIC. Duration – 5 hours.

Combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom, mix in proven techniques which gives you a unique and powerful path to financial abundance.

  1. Universal laws and principles for financial flourishing and prosperity.
  2. Practical wisdom and easy to implement techniques to clear the blockages to financial success and happiness.
  3. Use right thinking to lead to the right results for financial prosperity.
  4. Clear blockages to business success and financial freedom.
  5. Do simple, ancient practices to create abundance and prosperity.
  6. Bridging the gap between intentions and goals.
  7. How much of business success has to do with energy.


Duration – 5 hours.

  1. Learn how to transform relationship blockages with self, family, friends, co-workers and others into love and light through powerful and effective techniques - esoteric, sacred practices.
  2. Learn to love with greater ease, grace and kindness.
  3. Apply a secret and sacred love mantra to guide your quality, depth and breadth of relationships. It is heart-centered relationships that bring us the greatest joy and fulfillment in every area of life. We are stronger and more balanced when we feel peaceful and happy in our relationships.
  4. Also a powerful practice on Self – Love. How many of us go through guilt pangs, low selfesteem, self-criticism, self-hatred and "not good enough" thoughts - emotions. Transform all of this easily and on a deep level.


Duration – 5 hours.

  1. Do you struggle with weight issues? Weight related issues are predominantly due to stress, when we binge on food to get an “emotional high” But that is not a solution.
  2. For lasting weight loss, the key is to go beyond the external level to allow your inner self to help you leave behind the feelings that hold you back from true self-care. You can connect with a deeper source for loving yourself unconditionally and transforming from within to lose weight and live a healthier life.
  3. Apply esoteric ancient secrets to become a new, slim, you!!!


Duration – 10 hours.

  1. Many of us are aware and intrigued by many ancient health, wellness and spiritual practices. But how many of us are aware that we must 1st deal with our emotions & mental make up to achieve a healthy, wholesome life.
  2. This self- healing techniques being taught are a powerful and a truly revolutionary healing system that combines 5,000-year-old wisdom of the East with the most advanced quantum and cellular theory of Western science. By accessing the power of the inner-self for a healthy & fruitful life with balanced emotions & a positive mental attitude.
  3. Learn ancient powerful techniques to achieve the impossible.
  4. Learn to transform any negative THOUGHTS, WORDS & EMOTIONS to POSITIVITY. Very simple yet potent techniques are taught. Learn it, practice it. It's like honing a skill, till you perfect it. Just like you practice music or dance or embroidery & acquire the skill set; by consciously being aware & immediately transforming or transmuting this negativity, you become a "Positivity mindset" person. It later becomes automated once you Master the ART & SCIENCE POSITIVITY.

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  1. Chancery hotels
  2. Zuri hotels
  3. Fortune hotels
  4. Vivekananda college
  5. Mallige nursing home
  6. TVS
  7. Mallige nursing college..etc



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